$25 Annual Registration fee is due upon enrollment for each student. (non-refundable). This applies to competition and recreational class students and students taking private lessons.

Classes are based on a flat monthly rate, and are 30 minutes in length, unless otherwise specified. Each class meets once each week, average of 4 classes per month for $38. There is no rate change for long or short months.




All immediate family members receive a 20% discount.


1st class- $38.00 a month (average of 4 lessons a month)     

2nd genre class- $28.00 monthly ($66.00 month for 2 classes)   

3rd genre class- $15.00 ($81.00 month for 3 classes)   

4th genre class- $7.00 ($88.00 month for 4 classes)



1st class -  $28.00 a month (average of 4 lessons a month)

2nd class - $22.00 monthly ($52.00 for 2 classes)

3rd class - $12.00 ($64.00 for 3 classes)

4th class - $6.00 ($70.00 for 4 classes)


Payments made after the 15th will be charged a $10.00 late fee. We accept checks, cash and credit cards. There is a 3% fee attached to credit cards.

 For example, If a dancer does 4 classes for $88 a month, each class is 30 minutes, 4 classes would meet for 2 hours each week, 16 classes average per month.


Competition team dancers pay fees of $75 - $120 per month, siblings receive a 20% discount. DDF fees are due year round. Dancers receive classes each week in stretch and conditioning, ballet, technique, jazz, lyrical, tap, clog, hip hop and tumbling.  DDF dancers meet on Monday, Tuesday  and Wednesday nights, with additional classes offered on Saturdays in conditioning, ballet, technique and tumbling. Workshops are offered with outside choreographers throughout the year. The cost for each workshop is split among the dancers attending.

Competition fees for DDF dancers: Each organization sets their own entry fees for Solos, Duet/trios and group entries. We add $1.00 per entry per child to cover processing of entry fees. Average cost of a group entry is $38-$45, average for a Solo is $90-100, and for a duet/trio the fee is usually $55-$60 per dancer. 




Class students order a Christmas sweatshirt in mid-October which is worn for fall performances, parades and the Christmas recital. Cost is $17-$20, depending on size, and must be paid in full when ordered.

Class students order costumes in January which are worn for our spring shows and the spring recital. Costumes average $45-$70, and must be paid in full prior to ordering. We order from reputable companies and try to find the “Best value.”  Tax and shipping is included in the cost of each costume.

A Recital t-shirt is ordered in mid-March, cost is $15-$17, depending on size. Recital t-shirts are worn for outside performances and in a Recital production number that all dancers will perform. The shirt will be designed around the “theme” of the spring recital. Recital shirts make great keepsakes!

We carry a small supply of shoes, hose and dancewear. If we do not have your size it can be ordered. We typically place an order the 3rd week of each month. 



Our Christmas recital is held in the theater at Heritage High School. Admission is $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for children ages 4-12, children ages 3 and under and dancers are admitted free.

Our spring recital is also held at Heritage High School in their theater. There is a $37 participation fee per dancer; this fee admits the dancer and one chaperone and includes a recital program book. The dancer also receives a participation certificate and a medallion.  Additional tickets are $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children ages 4-12. Children age 3 and under are free.



To have a Solo or Duet choreographed for competition the cost is $30.00 per hour, and typically takes 2-3 hours to complete a routine. The teacher that will practice your routine usually attends the choreography session and payment is made to them at $15 per hour. Payment is due at the time of the lesson.

Privates with individual teachers may be scheduled; the cost is $30.00 per hour. This fee is paid directly to the instructor teaching the lesson. Payment is due at the time of the lesson. Teachers may schedule privates with dancers if they have missed a class, or joined a class late. Instructors teach privates and coach Solos and Duet/trios for competition. Private lessons are scheduled directly with the teacher.

Dance rooms may be rented at $5.00 per hour, for a dancer to practice alone. Teachers do have first selection of rooms. All room rentals are scheduled in the private book at the front desk. Room Rental is paid at the time the room is in use.



Rent a studio room for a birthday party!  We do great themed parties! Parties are $85.00 for a 2 hour session, and you can come an hour early to set up and decorate. We provide tables, chairs, refrigerator and microwave for your use. Two teachers work each party (up to 20 friends) if over 20 attending there is an additional charge of $25 for a third instructor. Dance instruction and games will be taught around the theme of the party. Let us do all the work and clean up to make the day easy for you!