Thanks to Terrance, who came up with “Diamond” to add to a word I wanted to use.... “Force”; I tried Dance Co, troupe and other ways of using the two words, but I kept coming back to Diamond Dance Force because it just sounded and felt good to me.  I thought about some other names and some of you had some great ideas...but I kept coming back to GBA Home of the....DIAMOND DANCE FORCE.  Most groups use Troupe or Company....why not something totally different???

There are several reasons for Diamond.  Some of us judge for ShowBiz and that is for the top scoring dancers in their organization....plus the inspirational aspects of the metaphor of a Diamond in relation to dancers i.e. “diamond in the rough, etc”...I love the analogy!  Below is something I found on the internet about Diamonds...

A diamond is one of the 4 forms of carbon that can be found in nature. It received its name from Greek word 'Adamas' which means ‘unbeatable’.’

A diamond is made out of Carbon. Carbon, which is burned wood, becomes graphite under a lot of pressure (already relatively hard). Graphite on its turn under a lot of pressure will eventually become –

a diamond.

The more harmonious the single stage crystal growth was, the fewer flaws it will show and the stronger it will be.

The hardness of the stone suits to the usability as a gemstone. Due to the fact that only another diamonds can scratch a diamond, it polishes extremely well. Unlike other stones it is easy to use on daily basis because of its resistance to damage. That also explains its popularity in wedding and engagement rings which are often worn every day.

Cool Facts: They are called "ice" because they rob the body of warmth when touched.


·        Adamas – Unbeatable

·        Diamonds are developed under pressure

·        Harmony causes less flaws

·        Resistance to damage allows regular use

·        Only a Diamond can scratch another Diamond

·        Diamonds are Forever

·        Diamonds are ‘cool’

I like the word “Force” because it sounds strong, stable, empowering.... "May the force be with you”, is of course a saying from the original Star Wars movie.  I choose to interpret that this would mean to wish someone well, that they would succeed and be protected from dangers. In these famous movies, the Force appeared to have the ability to enhance natural physical and mental abilities, including strength and accuracy.


·        Strong

·        Stable

·        Empowering

·        Ability to enhance natural physical and mental abilities

·        Accurate

And of course we are Dancers and thus.....DIAMOND DANCE FORCE....a strong, empowering body of dancers who in harmony work well under pressure, empowering one another to be unbeatable!


Posted on September 12, 2013 .