About the Academy

Our MIssion

“We are a studio family united by our passion for dance and commitment to one another in excellence and inspiration!”


We believe that Dance is an art of the mind, spirit, body and soul; therefore we, the individuals, are the raw materials of this living art form.

We share the responsibility for building self-esteem and improving confidence in our dancers and entire studio family. We believe in the development of respect for ourselves and one another. We are committed to promoting integrity in our dance and all aspects of life. 

We have a program that provides solid dance foundation for all students, whether pursuant of recreational, competitive or professional level.  Our goal is to help every student discover their strengths and reach deep within themselves to attain their highest personal potential...to ‘shake off the dust’ and find the ‘Diamond’ within.

We believe we are lifetime students of dance and performance which enriches our entire journey through life. Through shared learning experiences, we strive to both inspire and be inspired by each other.We are a non-profit, faith-based program acknowledging that our highest level of inspiration comes from God.

Voted Best of The Best in 2012

Through Dance, our hope is to provide each student with a memorable experience while developing discipline and multiple skills for success in all areas of life.